Hard As A Rock: 9 Tips On How To Strengthen Erection

Penis isn`t an independent part of body, its activity and “ability to work” directly depends on general condition of body and on substances that enter bloodstream. It is member that becomes indicator of age-related changes in cardiovascular system, unfortunately, it`s small arteries in male genital organ that are damaged first. There is a solution – think about protecting your sex life now and in future you won’t have to think about pills.

Berry jam with bread – favorite dish!

Dark fruits such as blackberries contain high level of anthocyanins, heavy duty antioxidants. Good erection is achieved due to presence of nitric oxide in blood, which dilates blood vessels. When there are lots of radicals in blood, level of oxide decreases, and anthocyanins are able to attack free radicals.

Stop smoking!

If you continue to smoke, you have accepted possibility of death from cancer, stroke, or heart disease. What about life without erection? Who needs young impotent? According to recent studies, arterial damage from smoking doubles risk of erectile dysfunction. When researchers measured erection in 10 smokers with impotence, even after 1 day, smoke-free, 40% of men showed improvement. Damaged vessels can be restored – taurine and amino acids in fish products help arteries damaged by smoke!

Become sensitive!

Each person know that stress acts like cold shower, it also contributes to release of epinifrin – type of adrenaline that reduces elasticity of arteries, making them stiff. If you focus on 5 current feelings, then you can reduce release of epinifrin and increase erection. For example, focus on smell of your favorite food, sound of door opening, or  feel of touching steering wheel of a car.

Use helpers: cock rings, vacuum pumps and stimulating lubricants are simply designed to improve your erection.

Stop snoring!

Snoring causes not only psychological, but also physiological harm. Tissue of penis is very sensitive to lack of oxygen and blood supply, and snoring disrupts cardiovascular system and flow of oxygen into cells of penis.

Chew dark chocolate!

Dark chocolate contain flavonoids, which cause chemicals release and expansion of endothelium, layer of arteries. How much to chew? Since penis consists mainly of endothelium, dark chocolate is likely to benefit your erection.

Reduce estrogen levels!

Calculate body mass index. If your BMI is close to 25, then your fat will be enough to “drag” your erection down. The thicker man, the more estrogen his body pushes out, and high level of estrogen is tragedy for erection. American studies report that 1/3 of men with BMI of more than 30 and problems with erection felt better after losing 10% of their weight of the body.

Take an acupuncture course!

Traditional Chinese medicine helps restore sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Modern doctors in their studies say that after 6 weeks of acupuncture, 64% of men regained erection and no longer needed treatment.

Train your erection!

Kegel exercises, which are usually used for urinary incontinence, will help. According to studies by British scientists who observed 55 men with impotence, 40% of patients regained erection after daily Kegel exercises for 6 months. If there is no back pain, then any man can do such exercises.