9 points on palm for whole body recovery

Human body is single system in which everything is interconnected. And failure of work in one area may entail consequences for whole organism. Similarly, in order to organize work of any body, it`s not necessary to act directly on it. On body there are points that are reflex associated with various organs. Especially a lot of these points on feet, ears and palms. It has long been used in their practice by masters of oriental medicine, and it`s on this that such rehabilitation systems as acupuncture and acupuncture are built.

If you know location of these magic points you can, when you feel unwell, massage places and improve your health. Sit back so that you have opportunity not to hurry anywhere and that no one distracts you. Calm down your breath. To do this, take a few deep breaths and exhalations. Act on desired point for at least 5 minutes.

Point 1

Base of thumb should be massaged when coughing, shortness of breath, and also to normalize functions of thyroid gland.

Point 2

Thumb. Exposure to this point will help alleviate state of depression, anxiety, reduce stress. To remove cramps in stomach, pancreas and headache, massage this point with strong, short pressure.

Point 3

Index finger. Pressing index finger stimulates kidneys and bladder, helps relieve muscle spasms and clamps, back pain, eliminate heartburn and toothache. As muscles relax, internal tension and anxiety also go away.

Point 4

Middle finger. Regulates work of liver and gallbladder, contributes to dilution and outflow of bile. It`s also necessary to act on point to get rid of irritability, cope with indecision and improve mood. Massage with strong short pressure points promotes blood circulation, helps relieve painful cramps during menstruation and migraine.

Point 5

Ring finger. Exposure to this point normalizes function of lungs and colon, and also improves condition for dermatological ailments.

Point 6

Pinky. Stimulates cardiovascular system and small intestine, it`s also recommended to massage this point for pain in throat. In addition, impact on little finger will help get rid of uncertainty and anxiety.

Point 7

Impact on this point contributes to work of endocrine system, eliminates hormonal disruptions and normalizes metabolism. It`s recommended to massage point with high blood sugar.

Point 8

Center palm. Stimulates digestive system, promotes development of gastric enzymes, eliminates pain in stomach and intestines.

Point 9

“Hill of Venus”. It promotes immunity, improves endocrine and cardiovascular systems. Act on this point when you need to invigorate and relieve fatigue.

So now you know all the secrets. Use them to be healthy all the time!