Generic or branded drug for the treatment of ED. What should we choose?

treatment of ED

All consumers ask themselves this question. A huge number of pharmaceutical drugs and their generics at Tadalafil Australia site can make any buyer go into a tail- spin. But we are ready to help you in this difficult choice!

Let us examine what are generics and brands, and what advantage each type of medication has.

What should we choose, generic or brand?

Solid pharmaceutical firms, as, for example, the legendary manufacturer of Viagra — Pfizer or Levitra – Bayer, have their own laboratories for research and development of new drugs. As a result of long expensive studies, they synthesized a new drug.

On average, the cost of creating a new drug amount is more than $ 600 million, and pre-clinical development and clinical trials of the original takes 8-9 years. So, in search of an effective formula Levitra, the Corporation Bayer spent $ 860 million.

When developing a pharmaceutical product of the company is issued a patent, which gives the right to be its sole seller for a certain amount of time. A patent is purchased for the original formulations, production methods and international name. Usually the period is 15-17 years.

The pharmaceutical firm is conducting an active advertising campaign and gradually creates a new recognizable trademark – brand. So, the brand is the trading name of the new drug.

When the terms of a patent expire, other manufacturers get the right to produce the formula of the drug at its own facilities. However, there is a condition: the produced drug should completely confirm the equivalence (similarity) of the original. A confirmed analogue is called generic.

Drugs generics get a new name; they also differ in the packaging, perhaps even color and shape of tablets, but have the same international brand name. Thus the international name of Viagra is Sildenafil Citrate, Cialis Is Tadalafil, Levitra – Vardenafil. One brand may be hundreds of generics.

So, generics are the same popular brands, because they contain the same components and have the same effects as the dosage and side. However, the cost of generic drugs is not comparable with the originals. Why?

The relative cheapness analogue drugs are due to the low cost of advertising. That is, the firm that bought the patent for the production of generic does not need to spend time and money on aggressive advertising of the company, effective search marketing solutions – brand long popular and familiar.

In addition, there is no need to try to discover the formula of the active substance which is the main component of the drug – firm-sells the original formula of the brand. The company spends money only on the production and confirmation of equivalence, produced drugs and clinical trials. So, there are generics of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, which price much lower brand.

What to choose: brand-name drug or generic?

The exact answer is difficult to give. All drugs are undergoing clinical trials to confirm their safety. The whole world enjoys cheaper generics, provided that the manufacturer has officially confirmed the quality of the product.

The fans of the brand-name drugs bet to guarantee the effect and safety, time-tested. So, a legendary company Pfizer, a well-known manufacturer brand Viagra, annually spends millions of Euro only for clinical trials. The history and reputation of the company also increases the rating of the original drugs.

Low-cost generics make them an excellent alternative to brands. The choice is up to the buyer. Remember, generics can’t be better than the original product, but it does not inferior with it in efficiency.
You are to decide what you should take. A quality product will never let you down!