How To Increase Potency In Men?

Sexual relationships are important part of every person’s life. Medical researchers have proved that regular, full-fledged sex prolongs body’s youth, stimulates processes of renewal and regeneration, and has effect on almost all human organs and systems.

Every man once comes moment when his sexual abilities can fail and raise doubts about future success of intimate relationships. Often, this happens with quite young people, but more often men who have crossed middle-aged line are faced with this problem. And then men have reasonable question – how to increase potency and to understand this issue, it`s necessary to determine first signs of violation of sexual functions.

First signs of decreased erectile function in men

In vast majority, first signs of impaired potency in men begin after 50 years. This is due to age-related changes in body, hormonal imbalance, decreased overall tone and exacerbation of chronic diseases. First symptoms begin to appear with following symptoms:

  • Weakening of morning erection, spontaneous arousal in presence of exciting situations, as a result – complete lack of potency.
  • Weak erection, making it difficult or insufficient for sexual intercourse.
  • Lack of attraction and sexual desire, decreased libido.
  • Decreased erection during sexual intercourse, impossibility of its natural end.
  • Ejaculation too fast, short-term sexual intercourse, insufficient to satisfy partner.

At first manifestations of problems of sexual plan, don`t go to extremes:

  • To hope that this is one-time situation and everything will go away by itself.
  • Start to panic and prematurely ascribe impotence to yourself.

There are many ways to restore potency in men. These include, first of all, time-tested recipes of traditional medicine, as well as number of pharmacological drugs to increase sexual strength.

How to increase potency in men?

If there are problems with potency, man needs to evaluate his lifestyle, review diet and diet, pay attention to physical fitness and health. To begin with, we will analyze what is beneficial for male potency and what is harmful.

One of most disastrous reasons for male strength is physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle. This is explained by occurrence of stagnation of movement of blood and lymph in pelvic organs, which can even provoke occurrence of non-bacterial form of prostatitis, with all ensuing problems. Nutritional composition is also very important for maintaining men’s health – abundance of fatty foods, carcinogens and lack of vitamins significantly disrupt metabolic processes in body, negatively affect endocrine organs and hormonal balance. Combination of such signs is especially dangerous for men older than middle age.

Recommendations on how to increase potency after 50 years:

  • Movement and physical education with gradual increase in load, set of exercises to improve pelvic circulation is first step to prolonging and improving quality of sexual relationships.
  • For potency, nuts and seeds are very useful, which are rich in fatty acids and oils – peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts. It is especially useful to eat nuts with honey.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits – celery root, turnips, onions, garlic, carrots, should be part of man’s daily diet.
  • Low-fat meat, preferably in baked or stewed form, provides supply of protein necessary for every man.
  • Variety of greens is storehouse of vitamins for potency – parsley, tarragon, cilantro, spinach, in addition to vitamins and minerals, these products contain analogues of male hormones.
  • If possible, include seafood that are considered natural aphrodisiacs in your diet.

Don`t rush to resort to help of pharmacological preparations for first violations of erection, just pay attention to your health, good nutrition, combination of physical activity and relaxation in order to prolong youth and harmony of sexual relations.